COV Forms

Here  you can find all the forms and information you need for COV, from our Statement of Beliefs to renting a space on our campus and anything in between.

COV Core Values: COV Core Purpose: To Love the Lord, Each Other and Our Neighbors

In Christ’s Love!

COV Bylaws: This form gives you the information on how we govern our congregation and how we elect officers and their requirements to be elected.

ECO Essential Tenets (Statement of Belief): This form is the founding principles of ECO. Uniting pastors and congregations around a common theological core. The goal is not to be same-minded, but like-minded.

ECO Polity (Structure of Government): This form outlines our behavioral and theological essentials and requires that all officers “receive, adopt, and be bound by” these essentials tenets.

COV Wedding Application and Booklet: These forms are for weddings here at COV,
it will give you all the information you need to know to make the best out of your
BIG day.

COV Memorial Booklet and Fees list for Members and Non-Members: These forms will give you the information you need to host a memorial service for your loved one here at COV.

COV Building use Policy: This form is for rental purposes it gives you all the Do's and Don'ts of our campus.

COV Room Set Up Form: This form is for designing the room you are renting (ie. where to place tables, how many chairs needed and location of equipment).

COV Check Request Form: This form is for Ministry use. It is use to request a check to purchase Ministry items or to reimburse purchases of Ministry items.

COV Mileage Reimbursement: This form is for Ministry use to cover the cost of gas during Ministry activities and/or church office errands.